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What is the DueDil API?

The DueDil API enables businesses to automate many of their internal processes by providing fast, easy, programmatic access to DueDil’s comprehensive company data.

From auto-populating forms and boosting completion rates, to automating AML & KYC checks, to streamlining the credit decision process, the DueDil API is the reliable and precise way to increase the efficiency of your business.

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Autopopulate Forms During Signup

Autopopulate specific fields in a form and reduce drop off rates while increasing form completion rates during the customer sign up process, ensuring the most accurate data is captured into your system. Enable faster customer onboarding and lower abandonment rates.

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Increase form completion rate and minimise customer drop-off

Ensure inputted data is consistent and accurate

Improve customer experience during signup

Manage customised fields to specific business needs with a versatile API

KYC & AML Checks for Customer Onboarding

Expedite compliant onboarding of new customers for KYC & AML checks, while ensuring confidence in the regulatory assessment of a counterparty. These checks enable businesses to identify and linkages of corporate ownership and associated individuals.

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Conduct linked KYC & KYB checks from a single integration

Complete checks on relatable parties and associated officers

Improve efficiency with a single view of a counterparty across multiple teams

Check for any business or officer against global sanctions lists

Supplier Onboarding

Allows businesses to accurately and efficiently assess the credit risk associated with new or existing suppliers. When vetting a new supplier, data collection and credit information for each supplier is automated, allowing credit approvals to be made faster.

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Improve efficiency by automating the approval of low-risk suppliers

Apply flags indicating high risk suppliers for further investigation

Stimulate regular automated checks on whole list of suppliers for re-validation

Ensure data on all suppliers is consistent and up-to-date

Credit Decisioning

Steamlines credit decisioning and allows businesses to efficiently assess the risk associated with a potential new customer. By automating data collection, credit approvals can be completed in a matter of seconds while improving the customer experience.

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Efficiency gains when completing loan applicant forms

Capture a single source of data that can be utilised by multiple teams

Maximise automation for simple credit decisions

Improve customer experience due to reduced time of collecting information

CRM Integration

Autonomously append, cleanse and remove duplicates from CRM data, ensuring that sales and marketing teams are utilising the most up-to-date firmographic info. Plan strategically and prioritise net-new prospects to target.

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Generate more informed and strategic decisions with up-to-date and accurate data

Amplify autonomous processes that frequently match, clean and append database records

Improve firmographic information with group structures, budget windows and growth metrics

Accelerate efficiency by eliminating the need for manual, repetitive tasks

20 years

financial data


PEPs & Sanctions high risk individuals

30+ fields

relating to KYC & KYB


director relationships

30 seconds

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news articles indexed per day

Built with ease of integration in mind


API packages

  • Credit Reports

  • PEPs and Sanctions

  • International Company Information

  • Increased Throttle Limit

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