Customer Data API

Cleanse and append CRM records with the DueDil Company Data API

What is the Company Data API?

The DueDil Company Data API provides businesses with up-to-date and accurate company data including financials and firmographic information.

Businesses can leverage the Company Search API in a variety of ways to accelerate the efficiency of sales and marketing teams, improve their prospecting processes and prioritise net-new prospects to target.

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Benefits of the DueDil Company Data API

Functions of the DueDil Company Search API

The DueDil Company Search API can autonomously cleanse duplicated and incorrect data from CRM platforms, ensuring your sales and marketing teams are working with the most up-to-date company information.

The DueDil API can help businesses improve the accuracy of their market sizing, prospect segmentation and provide valuable insights to assist them in strategically identifying new prospects to target.

Generate more informed and strategic decisions with up-to-date and accurate data

Amplify autonomous processes that frequently match, clean and append database records

Improve firmographic information with group structures, budget windows and growth metrics

Accelerate efficiency by eliminating the need for manual, repetitive tasks

20 years

financial data


PEPs & Sanctions high risk individuals

30+ fields

relating to KYC & KYB


director relationships

30 seconds

to get started with an API trial key


news articles indexed per day

01. Objectives

This major IT infrastructure provider wanted to improve and validate the data it had in its CRM and verify its addressable market. It looked to find a solution to better size its potential market and help distribute equal sales territories, as well as provide its team with better information on prospects.

02. Actions

This company implemented the DueDil API to ensure its CRM was filled with accurate company data. This ensured that its sales team had up-to-date information on customers and prospects, allowing the team to effectively prioritise their time and map out equal territories.

03. Results


CRM records that are updated with much improved efficiency


rates of team achieving sales target due to better territory allocation


Built with ease of integration in mind


    With uncapped usage, focus on your business needs instead of worrying about quotas


    Simple and transparent online documentation allows your developers to view and sample our code


    Complete control over your API key - add, modify or delete access to admins and developers with ease

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