Credit Check API

Enhance your credit decisioning with the DueDil Credit Checks API

What is the Credit Check API?

The DueDil Credit Checks API provides businesses with fast and integrated access to DueDil’s comprehensive company data to enhance credit check and risk assessment processes.

Businesses can use the DueDil API in a variety of ways to streamline credit decisioning and collect important financial data to assess the risks involved with taking on a new customer.

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Benefits of the DueDil Credit Check API

Functions of the DueDil Credit Check API

The DueDil Credit Check API can automate data collection and speed up credit approvals, allowing businesses to conduct risk assessments on potential customers with increased efficiency.

The DueDil Credit Check API also enables businesses to set up autonomous checks to ensure that any new risks associated with their customers are flagged immediately.

Efficiency gains when completing loan applicant forms

Capture a single source of data that can be utilised by multiple teams

Maximise automation for simple credit decisions

Improve customer experience due to reduced time of collecting information

20 years

financial data


PEPs & Sanctions high risk individuals

30+ fields

relating to KYC & KYB


director relationships

30 seconds

to get started with an API trial key


news articles indexed per day

01. Objectives

Long-haul tour operator Kuoni is a leading provider of tailor-made and luxury holidays, catering to over 80 destinations around the world.

In order to approve customers, Kuoni relied on expensive Experian reports for UK business checks.

These costs prohibited it from validating all customers as desired.

02. Actions

With a live database of every single company in the UK and Ireland, DueDil provides Kuoni with access to comprehensive and reliable business information.

This includes access to inexpensive and complete credit ratings on every company. Using this data, Kuoni can easily validate its business customers, and track customer activity for important changes.

This enables Kuoni to save time, easily adjust credit limits and reduce exposure. Kuoni is no longer limited to running credit checks on high-risk prospects, and is able to take a more proactive approach to the customer validation process.

03. Results

Credit check any business to


the exposure to risk

Streamlined checks result in


more customers being passed

Able to continuously


existing customers

DueDil, unlike other validation tools, enables us to monitor our customers financials, alerting us when there is a financial change within their business.

It helps us to monitor credit limits set for customers, and to increase or decrease limits accordingly. [It also gives us] an in-depth view into all the business activities and entities linked to a single business.

Diana Yeboah

Fraud and Merchant Services Manager


Built with ease of integration in mind


    With uncapped usage, focus on your business needs instead of worrying about quotas


    Simple and transparent online documentation allows your developers to view and sample our code


    Complete control over your API key - add, modify or delete access to admins and developers with ease

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