Identity Verification API

Enhance customer onboarding with the Identify Verification API

What is the Identity Verification API?

The Identity Verification API provides businesses with fast and integrated access to DueDil’s comprehensive company data to help authenticate the identity of customers as part of KYC checks.

Businesses can leverage the DueDil Identity Verification API to mitigate risks and meet AML compliance requirements.

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  • SmartPension
  • LendLease
  • TransferWise
  • AkzoNobel
  • Kone
  • PaymentSense

Benefits of the DueDil Identity Verification API

Functions of the Identity Verification API

With the DueDil Identity Verification API, businesses can validate the identity of potential customers using a range of company information including age, registered address and company number. Additionally it can be used to identify beneficial owners and parent companies.

This enables businesses to screen potential counterparties more efficiently and speed up the onboarding of new customers.

Conduct checks on individuals and businesses from a single integration

Complete checks on entire group structure and associated officers

Improve efficiency with a single source of data that can be utilised by multiple teams

Check for any sanctions against a business or beneficial owner

20 years

financial data


PEPs & Sanctions high risk individuals

30+ fields

relating to KYC & KYB


director relationships

30 seconds

to get started with an API trial key


news articles indexed per day

01. Objectives

Paymentsense was struggling to efficiently verify new customers as part of their compliance and AML checks. Their vision was to be able to scale and onboard new customers faster and more efficiently than their competitors for added differentiation.

02. Actions

Paymentsense utilised the Essentials + Ownership package to integrate the DueDil API into their custom onboarding process. This enabled Paymentsense to automatically verify the ownership and corporate group structures of their customers.

03. Results


onboarded in 2017


KYC and AML checks

5 hours to complete new customer onboarding and become compliant, compared to two weeks using traditional paper-based methods. DueDil is a major contributing factor in this.

Nick Fryer



Built with ease of integration in mind


    With uncapped usage, focus on your business needs instead of worrying about quotas


    Simple and transparent online documentation allows your developers to view and sample our code


    Complete control over your API key - add, modify or delete access to admins and developers with ease

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