12 handy B2B lead generation presentations you may have missed

04 June 2015 Matt Owen

A quick search on SlideShare revealed that there are somewhere north of 26,000 presentations on B2B lead generation doing the rounds right now. Some are popular, some less so. Some are great, some… not so much.

I thought it might be a good idea to round up some of the more interesting ones that you may have missed. Not all of these have huge numbers of views, but they all contain useful advice or inspiration.

Check them out, and let me know in the comments if there are any others we should feature in the future.

1. Hubspot: The Science behind Lead Generation

As you’d expect from Hubspot, this presentation focuses heavily on content marketing, but it’s still rammed with useful and interesting info on what causes people to respond and become qualified leads.

2. Callbox: Why business outsource their lead generation

53% of marketing execs outsource their leadgen activities. Here’s a useful presentation showing you just why that happens, and whether it's a good idea for you to follow suit.

3. Abhishek Shah: Thirteen Creative Ways to Use LinkedIn for Lead Generation

Getting a bit more specific, here’s some words (and pictures) of wisdom from Abhishek Shah, honing in on LinkedIn to drive leads your way:

4. Marketing Genome Project: The 30 Greatest Lead Generation Tips, Tricks & Ideas

Loads of useful hints, and an interesting dip into the mechanics behind leadgen.

5. Lead Genius: Lead generation best practices: Outsourcing inbound & outbound

Lots of useful tips across the whole funnel, from content to call.

6. Kissmetrics: How To Design High-Converting Lead Gen Landing Pages

Kissmetrics delve into on-page optimisation. After all, there’s no point having great leads reach your site if you don’t do anything with them once they arrive.

7. Formstack: The State of Lead Gen in 2015: 4 Secrets to Boost Your Results

A handy overview of the market, with lots of insight on how to measure and when to engage.

8. Webmarketing123: 5 Winning Lead Gen Tactics You Haven’t Tried, Yet

Some excellent advice on optimising different platforms so that they deliver a steady flow of leads.

9. Wordstream: 9 Lead Gen Tactics From 2 Rapidly Growing Startups

Squeezepages, ads, quality scoring and more.

10. Sales Hacker: Hacking Lead Gen – Tools, Resources, and Strategy

Obviously you only really need one tool for lead generation, but it never hurts to try different things, so here’s a bunch of interesting ways to find more data and put it to work.

11. Ross Simmonds: How to Deliver Presentations that ACTUALLY Drive Sales

And while we’re here, how about a few tips on smartening up your own presentations and slideshows to drive leads your way?

Ross Simmonds has the lowdown…

12. Inspiring lead generation quotes

Finally, a little inspiration. Lots of quotes about lead generation to help get you all fired up and ready for business.

Some even come with pictures of people communing with nature n’ stuff.