Case study: How Kuoni passes 15% more customers with DueDil

29 January 2016 Sam HockleyCase studies

This week we have been looking at how our customers use DueDil. Kuoni uses DueDil to credit check businesses, saving the company time and enabling it to easily adjust credit limits and mitigate risk.

Long-haul tour operator Kuoni is a leading provider of tailor-made and luxury holidays, catering to over 80 destinations around the world.

In order to approve customers, Kuoni relied on expensive Experian reports for UK business checks. These costs prohibited it from validating all customers as desired.

Kuoni now utilizes DueDil to credit check all potential business customers, resulting in a 15% increase in the number of customers approved.

Interested in finding out the whole story? Download the DueDil and Kuoni case study.