Transforming and digitising your workflow

16 December 2019 DueDil TeamApi , Best practices , Digital transformation

Is your company set up to succeed?

For many banks it’s crunch time. Is your organisation ready to stop talking about digital transformation and actually make it happen? So, what does this mean? What do banks need to do to drive tangible, meaningful and sustainable change?

It’s no secret that there are a number of key friction points for the customer and business during the onboarding process, so at the core of successful change is creating optimised processes from both a customer and business perspective. This can be achieved by digitising your entire workflow, from data collection and building out customer profiles to AML, KYC and credit decisioning.

Embracing automation and leveraging reliable data across your business are just two of many ways that you can unlock your full potential and drive fantastic results.

Below, we outline how you can create a seamless customer-centric approach with DueDil:

Webform auto population

Reduce manual effort for your team, eradicate dirty data and speed up the onboarding process for your customers with auto-populating forms.

Build company profile

Simplify the process for your team by supplying them with all the information they need to build a complete company profile, from a single integration.

Automate KYC & credit decisioning

Speed up time-consuming compliance checks and create new efficiencies in your team with automated KYC & credit decisioning.

Onboarding completion

Streamline the process and replace manual methods with automated approval for low-risk applicants and red flag alerts for cases that require further investigation.

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