Inside DueDil. Meet Ryan Baldeo, Head of Product Marketing

29 November 2018 Anastasia EfremenkovaPeople

There are a lot of benefits associated with working in a tech company, including exposure to different aspects of the business and a dynamic and upbeat company culture. Here at DueDil, we are on a mission to become the largest source of private company information.

I recently sat down with our Head of Product Marketing, Ryan Baldeo to learn more about his role and why he loves being part of the DueDil family.

How long have you been at DueDil?

I have been at DueDil for about a year and a half.

What’s your role?

As the Head of Product Marketing, under the Marketing umbrella, my role involves creating compelling content, messaging and positioning around our product tailored for our customers. For example, we have recently redefined our Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) and, now, with a clear understanding what companies are within this ICP, I create content that’s really bespoke to certain areas within those groups of companies. I create the content and collateral materials for our Sales teams as well as organise training with them. The other element of my role is around the execution of our Go-To-Market strategy. When we launch a new product or service, I look at different ways of bringing them to life, create a strategic plan and put together all the necessary materials.

What teams do you work with?

I work cross-functionally with various teams within DueDil, from Product and Sales,  to Engineering and Customer Success teams.

What do you like the most about your current role?

I like having two main streams to my work - creative and technical. I am a people person and being a Product Marketeer puts me in a very unique and advantageous position in which I am able to bridge the gap between different groups. From a knowledge perspective, you have to have an analytical and technological mindset to be able to understand how things are working from a technical point. This allows me to create rich and insightful content for internal and external stakeholders.

What changes have you seen taking place at DueDil in the last year and a half?

A lot has changed since I’ve joined. One of the biggest changes that I have seen since joining DueDil, is the introduction of a new team - Customer Success. We now have a team that is specifically dedicated to our customers which clearly portrays our customer-centric approach. Customers are at the heart of what we do here at DueDil. From an organisational perspective, we are very much focused on taking DueDil to the next level. For example, having established a better understanding of our Ideal Customer Profile, we now have the opportunity to take it to the next level in terms of growth and revenue. This can be achieved by acquiring customers who continuously see the value and success to their business, based on the products that we provide. Overall, it is very exciting to see how DueDil has grown from a start-up to a small business and is now on a trajectory to grow and expand further.

What makes you passionate about being part of DueDil?

DueDil, as a company, has a true personality. It is not only the product that I like but the fact that there is a true vision that is 100% achievable. I love working with people who believe in our shared vision and are making the necessary steps in achieving it.

How would you describe yourself in three words?

Energetic, realist, tech-savvy.

Can you tell me something that’s not on your LinkedIn profile?

I am a fitness instructor on the side.  I teach spin and high-intensity cardio classes. I teach  5-7 times a week. These classes have helped me become a better coach and mentor and it’s really allowed me to finesse my presentation skills.

Where would you be if you were not at DueDil?

Being completely honest, perhaps back in Toronto. It's where I'm originally from and it's a fantastic place to be, Tech wise, at the moment.