Introducing DueDil DataWorks!

02 September 2019 Ryan BaldeoProduct , Data

At DueDil, we strive to put our customers at the heart of what we do. Many of our customers have to deal with inaccurate, stale and out-of-date data in their CRM and in most cases they are filled with duplicates. Without the ability to trust their data, our clients are struggling to understand their market and are wasting time and effort trying to update, verify and correct messy data, not to mention the frustration that comes with the process.

This could really impact their ability to grow.

DueDil contextualises billions of data points into a single layer and creates a connected view on SMEs. Listening to our clients struggles, we thought why not have our matching and connectivity capabilities available to our clients? Why not allow our clients to match, clean and append their data to unlock the view of who the should be prospecting.

We are thrilled to launch the newest product at DueDil. DueDil DataWorks!

DueDil DataWorks enables businesses to easily cleanse, enrich, organise and maintain their CRM systems, ensuring company information is accurate, up-to-date and organised with group hierarchical information.

From de-duplicating records to arranging corporate group structures and mapping territories, DataWorks helps Sales Operations and CRM Management professionals to extract maximum value from their CRM system and make decisions on how their data is organised.

Key Benefits include:

Cleansing - Ensure records are clean, up-to-date and free from duplicates.

Enriching - Append accurate  demographic business information directly to your CRM records.  

Maintaining - Refresh data whenever you need, ensuring your CRM is accurate & up-to-date.  

Organising - Identify parent companies and build account hierarchies, added natively into your CRM to map territories.

Who is DueDil DataWorks intended for?  

DueDil DataWorks is aimed at Sales Operations and CRM Management professionals which will enable them to cleanse, enrich, organise and maintain their CRM with DueDil’s comprehensive company and corporate group hierarchical data.

Why should you clean up your CRM?  

Approximately 20-30% of data that a company stores in its CRM is not useful. Having incorrect data in your CRM can lead to an array of problems and a number of wasted resources long term. It is imperative that companies take the time, and spend the money, to clean and maintain their database to increase sales productivity and have the best chance at success when generating leads, calling on prospects and closing deals.

If DueDil DataWorks sounds like a solution that you could use for your business, contact us for more information and see it in action.