Introducing Free API Trial Keys

24 January 2018 Leonardo TrabucoApi

Today we're excited to announce our self-serve API portal, with access to a free API trial key for businesses to develop and test applications that can help them increase data accuracy and improve process efficiency.

The free API keys provide businesses with access to live data on 53 million companies across the UK and Europe on the DueDil platform. Accessible datasets include firmographic company information, ownership and financials. This can enable the development of solutions including discovering prospective customers, automating KYC and AML screening or assessing the credit risk of a company’s suppliers.

The DueDil API portal allows developers to simply sign-up and generate a free API key on the DueDil portal without the need to purchase or speak to the DueDil team. Completely free to set-up and test, it provides access for up to 1,000 requests – enough to test a hypothesis, develop and launch prototype applications.


Other key features of the DueDil API portal include:

  • Open and complete documentation: Simple and transparent online documentation, analytics and insights support on-going use.

  • Effortless implementation and subscription management: An intuitive user interface makes implementation easy and gives the user complete control over the API key (adding, modifying, or removing access).

For more information on the DueDil API Portal and to start your free trial, register for a key now.