Kit Lewin, Account Manager

05 July 2019 Anastasia EfremenkovaPeople , Customer relationship management

As part of Inside DueDil series, I've sat down with Kit to find out more about his role as an Account Manager. Kit also shared why he loves being part of DueDil family and what he is up to when he is not at work.

What's your current role at DueDil?

I am an Account Manager. My role is focused on leading our most valuable customer relationships. I help our key clients achieve their objectives and get the most of DueDil.

Could you tell me more about your background?

I have always worked in client facing roles and account handling roles. My background prior to DueDil was in Market Research. My previous role was a secondment with Samsung Europe where I worked as part of their European Marketing Team.

What is your day-to-day like?

I really focus on trying to understand as much as I possibly can about their business and the projects that are going on and the areas that we can support them with.
Generally, you will find me out of the office half of the time but otherwise I am actively working with other customer facing teams, for example, our Customer Success team on implementing the plans to further support our customers on an on-going basis.

What do you like the most about your role?

I like building relationships with people and working closely with clients to make sure DueDil can deliver real impact for them. It’s great to see our customers be successful, which in turn will hopefully lead DueDil’s own success. I love to see the impact we can have, working on strategically important projects.

What does Account Management mean for DueDil?

Account Management is a hugely important part of DueDil. As a fast growing business, with a set of fantastic clients, we have a huge opportunity to develop and grow existing client relationships by delivering impact in line with our most important customers’ objectives. Account Management plays a significant part in delivering on our growth strategy. As an Account Manager, I have a unique insight how our customers get value out of DueDil.

Speaking more broadly, what are the top three things you like about DueDil?

The culture here is great. I like working as part of a team that is focussed on the same goal and making a real difference for our customers. We have a talented team, and have an opportunity to deliver projects which have a real impact on our clients businesses. Everyone in the company is engaged and focussed on the vision that we are trying to achieve.

What are your hobbies?

I am a big football fan. I’m a shareholder in a small Spanish team called Real Oviedo. My girlfriend, and now wife, gave me the shares as a present. The football club was going into administration and you were able to buy shares to support them and keep them going. They’re one of the oldest clubs in Spain. I still get invited to the AGM each year.

I’ve always enjoyed cooking. Just before I started at DueDil I made the mistake of telling some friends that I thought I could definitely make the semi-finals of Masterchef. They made me sign up to enter the competition to prove my bold statement, I didn’t even get an interview…

One day I dream of owning my own craft brewery. My friends and I have recently started our own brewery at U-Brew in Bermondsey. I brew with my wife and 3 friends including a graphic designer and a creative advertiser - great people to work with to build a brand. We have called ourselves The Red Dungarees Brewing Company. We held a charity beer festival on Tooting Common which was a huge success and even made a special edition ‘I Do Brew’ for my wedding last summer.

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