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Guest Post: Getting the Most from Abbreviated Accounts

21 February 2012 DueDil Team

Tim Whitehouse from Caprica Online Accountants shares his tips for wringing the most financial information you can from a set of abbreviated accounts. Although all companies are required to file accounts »

Q&A: haysmacintyre

10 January 2012 DueDil Team

This week's Q&A is with David Cox, Partner at haysmacintyre Chartered Accountants and tax advisors. haysmacintyre advise small and ... »

Common Questions About Limited Companies

27 October 2011 DueDil Team

A limited company is a company that is formed for the purpose of operating a business as per the wishes of the company director(s). One of the ... »

What Does Being a UK Company Director Mean?

07 October 2011 DueDil Team

Quite a few of you reading this blog post may already be company directors, some of you may be thinking about setting up a UK company and becoming a director, whilst there may be some of you out there »

Corporate Identity Fraud on Companies House

21 September 2011 DueDil Team

Many people have fallen victim to Corporate Identity Fraud, and between 50-100 cases occur each and every month in the UK. The term ... »